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Different Vaping Flavors For Different Purposes

Get The Best Vapor In SAUDI

Vaping is gaining tremendous popularity when compared to other smoking means like cigarettes and shisha/hookah. Perhaps, this is due to the safety measures and an array of flavors it offers. If you are planning to change your style of smoking, this blog can certainly act as a quick guide and help you choose the best flavor depending on your taste and needs.

One of the many advantages associated to vaping is that you can indulge in smoking your favorite flavors. If you are a beginner at vaping, it can surely get difficult in choosing one of the many flavors to elevate your smoking experience.

On the other hand, if you are an ex-cigarette or traditional smoker and have shifted to vaping, you could probably start with 18-24mg of nicotine as this probably gives the same pleasurable experience and relaxes you, just like how cigarette does. This process of reducing nicotine is much easier with vaping because it does not contain any traces of tobacco that eliminates the addictive factor.

At VAPE SAUDI, we have a range of flavors, starting with unflavored to sweet, sugary flavors. Additionally, we also offer strong tobacco-like flavors to curb the craving of an ex-smoker. Unlike cigarettes, vapor in SAUDI does not have any harmful chemicals, tar or carcinogens, instead it has an e-liquid that could make you feel like you are indulging in traditional smoking means, without the presence of tobacco.

We also offer single vapor flavors that include both sweet and sour types of flavors. For instance, we have melon, mango, and apple flavors that will give a sugary taste as you take a long pull from the machine.

These are all flavors that could be tried by beginners as they are all very mild and can slowly get you used to the more intense flavors. Moreover, these are very affordable and perhaps you could consider this as an investment as this is proven to last for several months, unlike other smoking methods.

On the other hand, we also offer high-intensity flavors which can give you an exciting rush and help you feel relaxed after a long tiresome work or even when you are feeling stressed. To have a refreshing experience, you can go for the Spearmint Gum which is quite an intense flavor. The only difference between intense and mild flavors is the difference in nicotine content. Furthermore, it is advisable to go for high intensity if you have already gotten accustomed to e-smoking.

Another mouthwatering set of flavors include mix fruit flavors. For instance, at VAPE SAUDI, we have Lava Flow by Naked 100 Salt Nic as this is a splendid combination of strawberry with coconut and pineapple. Another exciting flavor is Lush Ice by VGOD Salt Nic which is a marvelous blend of watermelon candy with mint.

To know more about such exciting flavors at an affordable rate, visit our page at Switch to e-smoking and find the absolute difference it can bring to your life, both medically and experience wise.


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