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Vaping 101: choosing e-juice suitable for your device

vaping 101

Choosing the Best E-juice for your device

Whether you are new to the game or have been vaping for years, choosing the right e-juice can often be a strenuous task. This is due to the wide variety of vaping liquids that are available in mexico vape. Several factors need to be considered when choosing the right e-juice, and this blog will explore some of the most crucial factors that can guide you to choose the right e-liquid of your choice.

Choosing The Right Brand

Vape juice is a consumer product, and like any other product of this type, the brand you select is important. This is because certain brands guarantee certain promises. Some of them assure safe ingredients, superior quality, and a well-developed flavour. If you believe in the manufacturing process that protects the environment, it will not make sense to buy from a brand with no respect for climate change and environmental issues. Others may focus on attracting a clientele of certain demographic groups, say millennials or Generation X. Therefore, it is pertinent that you consider buying a high-quality e-juice from a brand that aligns with your ideals and ethics.

Experiment With Flavours

The variety they say is the spice of life, and in vaping liquids, we have that in abundance. It is the enormous availability of multiple flavours which makes vaping stand out from traditional smoking. However, selecting the flavour that best suits your taste buds can be confusing. The best way to do so is to experiment with different flavours until you get the one that suits your palate. In general, there are some flavours that people find appealing to their taste buds. These include mint, tobacco, drinks, desserts, and fruits. It is most likely possible that you will face the challenge of choosing the ideal vaping flavour if you are new to vaping. However, after experiencing a few flavours, you can find the right e-juice, something that suits your style and taste. 

Consider The Nicotine Content (percentage)

Generally, the nicotine content of each e-juice is mentioned on the label, along with other product information and precautions. However, selecting the correct percentage of nicotine can be confusing because they often consider it to be a personal preference. In general, the recommended nicotine level to get the best flavour from your liquid is 3MG. These may vary according to the power of the atomizer. On the other hand, if you have recently switched from smoking cigarettes to vaping, you can opt for higher nicotine content, say 6MG for a regular Sub-ohm tank or even higher if you are vaping with a lower-powered atomizer. 

Choose A Suitable Ratio Of PG/VG

There are three common bases when it comes to vaping liquid. PG, VG and a combination of the two: PG / VG. While PG (propylene glycol) delivers a stronger hit, VG (glycerin vegetable) offers thicker smoke clouds. However, you can choose by combining the two, selecting the percentage of each base you want. In general, e-liquids are not expensive, so stay away from very vaping low-quality vape juices. Nevertheless, price is always an important factor when making decisions, even when buying vaping liquids. While it is advisable to balance the quality of the vaping juice and the price, you should avoid very cheap juices, as they may not be authentic vape juices.

There are knockoffs on the market and some cheap brands put little consideration into the flavour development. Therefore, while it is good to target mid-range flavours, some expensive e-liquids are worth the price, and you shouldn’t avoid trying them.

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